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Samurai 7 Rating

Which Samurai 7 Character Are You Most Like?

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Welcome to the samurai7rating community!

Love the Samurai 7 anime series by GONZO? Always wondered if you were boorish and lively like Kikuchiyo? Obsessed like Kambei? Enigmatic and silent like Kyuzo? (Or do you just love rating communities? Hehe.) Then by all means, please come and join!

.Please answer the survey to the best of your ability. (Copy and paste the whole survey from the text box below.)
.Put ALL pictures behind LJ cuts. Don't post cosplay pictures; it may influence the votes...But feel free to post cosplay pics AFTER you've been stamped.
.Answer truthfully; don't answer because you want to get a certain character!
.After you get get five (5) votes or after three (3) days has passed, you can be stamped by majority.
.Only a moderator can stamp you. (volley and hazel_grosse, at your service!)
+++General members
.You don't need to be stamped to vote. Vote as soon as you can! We encourage that.
.Please BOLD your votes, and if possible, give an explanation why you voted for that character.
.If you want to vote more than one character, limit it to two (2).
.To make sure you have read the rules, please put "Nanika ga ukabi kieteku" in the subject line of your application.

The following are the characters with stamps:


List of Stamped Members

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Would you like to affiliate with us? Please let us know by posting in the community. :)

Thank you and enjoy your stay!

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